Industrial Surveillance Systems in Edmonton

Your industrial, agricultural, or construction site likely contains expensive equipment and hazardous conditions that need to be kept from thieves and troublemakers. Proper security can help you simultaneously protect your assets and avoid liability issues. Video Security Solutions Inc. has you covered with our industrial surveillance systems.

We provide powerful and reliable industrial security systems that help improve workplace safety and provide better control over your business operations. Our custom-crafted solutions are perfect for large warehouses, manufacturing plants, large farms, construction sites, or other commercial facilities where the need for extra security is paramount.

Security Anytime, Anywhere

Although we are located in Edmonton, we offer industrial security technology that allows even the most remote industrialists to protect their property. Our technology enables you to maintain 24/7 surveillance at your site, regardless of whether you choose grid-powered or off-grid equipment. No matter how difficult the terrain, we’ll come to your site to set up your security system.

Our cutting-edge technology provides detailed images even in low-light conditions so you can always have total peace of mind knowing your business is secure. Our array of surveillance tech includes high-definition PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, motion sensors, and audio warning systems.

In addition to providing the cameras and sensors, we also offer security office systems for rent. This means you can monitor your entire property in real-time from an office instead of sending out patrols. This system includes access control for extra security at your industrial site. Of course, you also have the option of having us provide remote monitoring using a satellite-link connection.

When you need surveillance solutions, Video Security Solutions Inc. is here for you. Get started today by speaking with one of our video security experts who will take the time to understand exactly how we can tailor a solution to fit the needs of your industrial site. Contact us now to get started!